Aquarium Delivery

This is a build in the making dating back to May 4th 2021. This would be a back dated chronical of the build progress of this beautiful home and the aquarium that it surrounds. This home was designed around a 1500 Gallon full reef aquarium engineered to hold the weight of a massive aquarium on the first floor. It's actually above a state of the are golf simulator! We stretched the capabilities of what glass can do with this 12 foot x 4 foot x 4 foot build. AGE (Acrylic and Glass Exabits) built the aquarium with a steel brace around the entire perimeter, 3/4 " Glass, Low iron on all 4 sides, with PVC bottom all on a 2 inch square tubular powder coated steel frame. This aquarium was a beast.

In these attached you will find the stick build of the home and the aquarium that will be placed.

This is the divide the Office and main living area. Through the front doors the tank will be to your left. It is viewable from the entire first floor.

Here we laid out the basic plumbing and footprint of the aquarium stand. We called out the hole locations for this aquarium. We have 2x 1.5 returns ran to the basement , 3x 2" drains running to the basement, 2" water change hole, and a 3" emergency floor drain. This will result in 100' of plumbing to the mechanical room.

Delivery of 1500g