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At Nemo's Reef we only deal with saltwater fish aquariums. This means we can concentrate on your needs and the needs of your aquarium.

At Nemo's Reef we are a family owned and operated business. This means that you will be getting honest support and advice from the owners. The owners will know you by name, and know your aquarium down to the last detail. This allows us to provide the proper products and livestock for your aquarium. At Nemo's Reef we will provide you with honest information about the products and livestock for your tank. We will never sell you anything 'disastrous' for your fish tank, and will strive to rectify any issues that may happen.

You'll be dealing with smart honest people. What else can Nemo's Reef offer?

Well, At Nemo's Reef we understand it takes much more than good advice and honesty to provide you with a happy aquarium. We know what it takes to provide the BEST husbandry to all of our products. We boost a complete custom filtration system to hold our fish and coral. You will see always pristine conditions in all of our aquariums. We will never skimp on quality.

At Nemo's Reef we NEVER use copper or any other medications to treat or mask diseases with our fish and coral. We will always feed our fish before you purchase. And most importantly we will NEVER sell you anything that does not belong in your aquarium. Our fish been quarantined and will never show signs of ICH or diseases. All of our Livestock are directed purchased from reputable divers and collectors. We will never support the use of illegal or unethical collection.

So Nemo's Reef has the healthiest fish and coral? YES.

Well, Nemo's Reef has been providing quality marine aquariums since 2004. We started out as a small fish store in the middle of nowhere. Over the years we have gained valuable experiences and understand that without happy customers and happy fish, we will be very unhappy owners.

To all of you, from all of us at Nemo's Reef - Thank you and Happy Reefing

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