Online Order Info

Online Order Information

Shipping Policy: Our live items are shipped by FedEx through FedEx Priority Overnight. Shipments are delivered Tuesday - Friday and arrive by 12pm. We pack your live items with the means necessary to survive the transport. Nemo's Reef is not responsible for mechanical or weather delays that may cause your FedEx shipment to arrive late. Additionally the shipment must be delivered on the first attempt. Please refer to our acclimation guide to ensure your specimen has a smooth transition into your aquarium.

Arrive Alive Guarantee: We guarantee that all livestock will arrive alive and will be as described for What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get Coral and cut to order items. In the event of a DOA (Dead On Arrival) please contact us within 2 hours of the package delivery with clear photos of the coral inside the shipment bag as well as outside the shipment bag. Nemo's Reef reserves the right to decline DOA coverage based on management discretion. Credit will be provided for future purchases.

Nemo's Reef selects the healthiest specimen for our online coral WYSIWYG.


Aquarium Hardened Coral

Nemo's Reef has a dedicated coral quarantine system and has a wide selection of corals that have been fragged, healed and held well before being selected for the online WYSIWYG.

15+ Years of Experience

Nemo's Reef experience in the industry provides us the groundwork for best coral care practices.

Competitive Pricing

Not only are you receiving high quality coral, but also at one of the lowest prices in the industry.