Coralife Biocube 16g Saltwater Setup


Have a piece of the ocean in your home! Saltwater aquariums captivate our attention with fantastic color and vibrance. The process of owning a saltwater aquarium seems daunting, but can be made easy. Nemo’s Reef offers aquarium installations, maintenance and quality customer service to ensure success with your aquarium. We are here to help every step of the way.

The Coralife Biocube is a beautiful, curved glass aquarium with bowed front and rounded corners. The Biocube provides an ideal entry for beginning hobbyists; it is a cheap and inexpensive way to own your own ocean. Boasting in all-in-one aquarium design, the Biocube includes the tank, top, light, filter and filter pump. As a result, ease of use and tank maintenance is low. It is truly a plug and play aquarium, great for desks, kitchen counters, etc.

The Coralife Biocube can house multiple fish including clownfish, wrasses, gobies, blennies and much more! Along with fish, corals add color in the aquarium. The corals in the aquarium will grow with proper care. You can start small and over time they will double and triple in size. Even more interesting and unusual are the invertebrates. They add diversity to the aquarium while keeping it clean, scavenging for food and cleaning fish!

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Coralife Biocube 16g Saltwater Setup
Coralife Biocube 16g Saltwater Setup

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    Nemo's Reef Biocube 16g aquarium package comes with everything you need to start a saltwater aquarium! Contact us for more information, delivery and setup!

    Typical maintenance on the Biocube is a 5%-10% water change every two weeks to every month. Water evaporation of the tank should be replaced with RO water (typically a gallon every week) Saltwater is sold for $1 a gallon. RO water is sold for $.50 a gallon. Filters should be rinsed every two weeks and replaced every month. Filter media should be replaced every two months. Cleaning of the glass may be required every week with a scraper or magnet cleaner. Invertebrates help with the cleaning of the sands and rocks. Once the process of maintenance is found, maintenance of the Biocube is manageable.