Dragon Ball Torch CA1

WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get. You will receive the exact coral in the photo.


Lighting: Low to Moderate

Waterflow: Medium to High

Placement: Bottom to Top

Ideal Conditions: 75-79 F, Alkalinity 8-11, Calcium 400-440, Salinity 1.022-1.028.

Supplements: Two-Part, Magnesium, Trace Elements, Strontium, Coral Food.

Long, flowing and fluorescent. Can grow quickly under proper conditions. Torch Corals may sting other corals including other Euphyllia Sp. (Hammer and Frogspawns). Hammers and Frogspawns can be placed near each other. Feed meaty, large micron foods.

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Corals of the euphyllia genus are popular in the aquarium hobby. They are classified into three common types torches, hammers, and frogspawn. The three groups have different shapes in their tentacles. The names are given due to their different physical appearance that the posses and not in their genetics. There are also Octospans, which are commonly confused with Frogspawns how they look so similar to one another. There are at least ten separate species of Euphyllia currently in the aquarium trade. Euphyllia corals are famous for a good reason. They can quickly grow to a large colony size from a single frag in the right aquarium conditions with good lighting, water quality, and flow. Their tentacles flow with the water movement and come in several color options, making them perfect for home aquariums.