Reef Octopus Waste Collector with Auto Shutoff 4 Inch

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Put an end to smelly collections of skimmate while providing a safety net in the chance that your skimmer may overflow. Decrease the redundancy of emptying your collection cup. This 3-in-one device by collecting large volumes of skimmate, controls the smell of pungent skimmate and is equipped with a fail safe mechanism to shut off overflowing skimmers. The vented carbon housing easily removes for quick carbon exchanges. Reef Octopus 4" Auto Waste Collector Collection Container equipped with fail safe mechanism to shut off overflowing skimmers. Holds up to 1400 ml/ 49oz. Features -Durable -Prevents Skimmer Overflows -Overflow Safety Switch -Removable Carbon Filter Cup -Holds Approximately 1400 ml/ 49oz -Great For External Skimmers Specifications -Height: 18" -Footprint: 6.5" x 6.5" -Drain line connection: 12.25" from the base