Kessil H160 Refugium Light - Tuna Flora

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Join the Spectral Revolution!Kessil`s unique LED array platform packs high power and deep penetration into a sleek, compact fixture, with an innovative heat management system that enhances efficiency and longevity. Its unrivaled optics meticulously create smooth color mixing over a large coverage area. The Kessil LED`s advanced controllability allows multiple fixtures to be adjusted as a group, when linked together through the 0-10V input and output. Superior Illumination The H160 Tuna Flora features four efficient spectrums - BLUE, GROW, BLOOM, RED - in one single fixture. The light is perfectly blended, with wavelengths including true UV and Infrared (ranging from 380-780 nm), enhancing photosynthetic efficiency, maximizing its effectiveness through all phases of plant cultivation. UV & FR - The H160 uses true UV-A and far red LED chips which promote algae/plant health and growth. Blue - The BLUE spectrum quickly develops the frame of a plant during every stage by promoting stem extension. Grow - The GROW spectrum is designed to produce all-around vegetative growth throughout the life cycles of various plants. Bloom - The BLOOM spectrum boosts yield by encouraging plentiful flowering during the plants` crucial reproductive stage. Red - The RED spectrum is designed for tissue culture and cloning by producing maximum root growth during the plant`s whole life. During the finishing stage, the RED spectrum also increases the plants` productivity and the quality of the harvest. Design Adjustable - Switch the spectrum depending on the phase of the plant growth. Heat Management - Innovative heat management system enhances efficiency and longevity. Dense Matrix LED - The unique, efficient Dense Matrix LED array is built in-house at the Kessil facility producing a concentrated single point source densely packed with high-powered LED array that emits more and better light than competing fixtures. Efficiency - The H160 design uses a unique fanless and slim housing with its compact Dense Matrix array with the most photon energy output per watt than any other Kessil fixture. ControlThe H160 can be manually controlled, and is also compatible with 0 ~10V external controllers. Daisy-chain multiple lights for seamless control from a single source. Manual Mode - This mode allows the user to immediately tune the light for customization, individually controlling the spectrum and intensity for ideal settings. Quick Set - With the H-Series Spectral Controller, the quick set mode allows users to create a repeating 24 hour schedule by programming 6 points throughout the day with customized spectrums and intensity. Auto Mode - This mode is designed to simplify the growing process of various types of plants, and can mimic entire seasons with adjustable critical day length. Specifications Dimensions 4" x 2.48" (Height x Diameter) Weight 0.88 lb Spectrum Blue, Grow, Bloom, Red Coverage Up to 24" surface diameter Power Supply 100-240V AC (input) 19V DC (output) Power Consumption 40 W MAX Includes: 1x H160 Tuna Flora 1x DC Power Supply 2x Golden Metal Hooks 2x Bracket * Please note: Controller/DaisyChain cables are sold separately. They are NOT included. Suggested Accessories: Kessil Mounting Arm Kessil Goose Neck Mount Choosing Your Kessil: A Quick Reference Guide Model: A360X A360WE A160 / H160 A80 / H80 AP700 AP9X Power Consumption: 90W Max 90W Max 40W Max 15W Max 185W Max 185W Max Spectrums: Tuna Blue + RGB Tuna Sun + RY Refugium Tuna Blue Tuna Sun Tuna Blue (A160) Tuna Sun (A160) Tuna Flora (H160) Tuna Blue (A80) Tuna Sun (A80) Tuna Flora (H80) Tuna Blue + RG Tuna Blue + RGP Coverage: 36" x 36" Mixed Reef / Moderately Planted 24" x 24" SPS & Heavily Planted 24" x 24" Mixed Reef / Moderately Planted 18" x 18" SPS & Heavily Planted 24" x 24" Soft Coral / Lightly Planted 20" x 20" Mixed Reef & Moderately Planted 20" x 20" Soft Coral / Lightly Planted 14" x 14" Mixed Reef & Moderately Planted 48" x 24" Mixed Reef 36" x 24" SPS 48" x 24" LPS 36" x 24" SPS Mounting Height from Water: 8"-12" Mixed Reef 4"-6" SPS 8"-12" Mixed Reef 6"-8" SPS 12" Soft Coral 8" Mixed Reef 6" Soft Coral 4" Mixed Reef 15"-18" Mixed Reef 5"-8" SPS 12-18" LPS 8-12" SPS Mounting Options: Mounting Arm & A-Series Gooseneck Mounting Arm & A-Series Gooseneck Mounting Arm & A-Series Gooseneck Mini A-Series Gooseneck Two Mounting Arms Hanging Kit Canopy Kit One AP9X Mounting Arm Two Mounting Arms Hanging Kit Compatible Controllers: Spectral Controller X & WiFi Dongle Spectral Controller & Spectral Controller X Spectral Controller & Spectral Controller X Spectral Controller & Spectral Controller X Has Built in WiFi Controls Has Built in WiFi Controls Spectral Controller X Accessory Compatibility (Sold Separately) 0-10V Controller A-Series Gooseneck Mini Gooseneck Mounting Arm (Requires 2) (Requires 2) OR 1 AP9X Mounting Arm Extension Mount (Must be used with Mounting Arm) (Requires 2) Canopy Kit Hanging Kit 90 Degree Adapter (Must be used with A-Series Gooseneck) 90 Degree Low Profile Gooseneck Bracket (Must be used with A-Series Gooseneck) 90 Degree K-Link Connection Cable Spectral Controller X Wifi Dongle Reflector-55 Full Angle Adapter
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