Kessil Reflector-55 for A360X and A500X Controllable LED Aquarium Light

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Designed for SPS dominated aquariums, the Reflector-55 will improve the penetration and contrast of your A360X or A500X LED Light, down to 5 feet, making it great for either taller reef aquariums, for those who want to mount the light higher, or wanting that extra oomph for their coral. The Reflector-55 triples the best-in-class A360X`s or A500X`s light beam strength with its easy to attach magnetic design, while adding a dynamic depth to your tank. This accessory is perfect for deep tanks or SPS corals with strict light requirements. The depth and contrast created by the Reflector-55 improves upon the dynamics we have come to love about Kessil lighting, giving us the shimmer that we have all come to love. FEATURES:Triples the center light intensity of the A360X or A500XCreates great contrast, depth and dynamicsEasy to attach - no tools or disassembling neededSPECIFICATIONS:Dimensions: 3.2" Diameter x 0.7" Height (8.1cm x 1.8cm)Weight: 0.04 lbsBeam angle: 55°Coverage: 20" x 20" area, up to 5` deepCompatible with A360X Tuna Blue, A360X Tuna Sun, A500X Tuna Blue