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CustomCaddy Midsize Bundle - AUQA Gadget - Innovative MarineIncludes: Midsize Media Basket PurityPack Filter Media ChaetoMax Refugium Light CustomCaddy with PurityPack Filter Media - Midsize - NUVO AUQA Gadget - Innovative MarineCustomize your mechanical, chemical, and biological filter media or convert to a living refugium with our larger and more robust CustomCaddy media baskets. The included Purity Pack media allows you to target specific toxins and pollutants in your aquarium, or, you can choose your favorite media. All CustomCaddy media baskets are designed to fit all NUVO aquariums to boost filtration and extract a wide range of impurities for a cleaner and clearer aquarium. Features: (4) Laser cut slots (2) Slide out acrylic shelves for media of your choice Convenient sliding door for ultra-fast media changes, making maintenance a breeze Made from quality cell cast acrylic Clear front and back acrylic panels Black acrylic side panels Perfect for Natural Filtration Easily converts to a refugium by removing shelves Designed to fit all media types and sizes PurityPack AIO Filter Media Includes: CustomCaddy Media Basket - Midsize - 1 Unit Fiber Ball(s) - 2 Unit sHC GFO* - 2 Unit sROX Carbon* - 2 Units Innovative Marine AUQA Gadget Chaetomax 2-in-1 9W Refugium LED Refugium LED has taken the proven technology behind indoor horticulture and crafted the optimal spectral recipe specifically designed for macro algae photosynthesis. Hidden in the ChaetoMax’s slim design are 45 High Efficient, uniformed LEDs. Each LED emitting a specific spectrum level; 420 BLUE, 470 VIOLET, 630 MAGENTA and 660 RED. By eliminating the “Green and Yellow” wavelength from your refugium lighting the ChaetoMax™ targets different parts of a plants cellular growth structure; which means faster growth, higher quality plants and no wasted energy. Features: Designed for Sumps and AIO Aquariums (Hook and Loop AIO Configuration) Mounts horizontally or vertically hidden behind your AIO Bracket Modular Mounted Sump Configuration Small form factor (DIMS: 6.7” x 1.85” x 0.39”) Low Voltage45 x 0.2W 60mA LEDs 5 - 420nm BLUE 10- 470nm VIOLET 10- 630nm MAGENTA 20 - 660nm RED No Heat Transfer PurityPack Filter Media - NUVO AUQA Gadget - Innovative MarineThe NEW PurityPack consists of the High Perfomance Fiber Balls, High Capacity Coarse Granular Ferric Oxide Pouch(es), and Premium ROX 0.8 Carbon Pouch(es). High Performance Fiber Ball are high performance, non clogging, mechanical filter media fiber balls that collect floating detritus & other toxic particles in water. Specifications: For freshwater and marine aquariums Easy to remove & replace Micron Size: 20-50um Density: 1.38/cm Filling Density: 60-80kg/m Filtering Velocity: 20-85m/h Waste Stopping Quantity: 6kg/m Moisture Absorption: 0.4-0.5% Voidage: 96% Specific Area: 3000m /m High Capacity Course Granular Ferric Oxide are 2 x more effective by volume than leading GFO, controls and removes phosphates, eliminating nuisance algae and green water. Specifications: Diameter: 3-4mm Purity: 65% above Hardness: 4-5 Ash Mass %: 5 Premium ROX 0.8 Carbon is the highest grade chemical filtration, removing copper, chlorine, medications, tap water impurities, discoloration and dissolved proteins impurities. Specifications: For aquariums 20 to 30 gallons Iodine Number: 1000 min Ball-Pan Hardness: 97 min Surface area (BET) m2/g: 1225 pH: Neutral Food Chemicals Codex: Passes Ash Mass %: 3 Methylene blue absorption g/100g: 24 Washed with Hydrochloric Acid Includes: Fiber Ball (s) - 1 Unit HC GFO* - 1 Unit ROX Carbon* - 1 Unit PLEASE NOTE: Innovative Marine recommends changing out media once a month for optimal performance.
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