NUVO INT-200 Internal Overflow Aquarium - 200 Gallon - with APS Cabinet Stand (Black) - Innovative Marine

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NUVO INT-200 Internal Overflow Aquarium - 200 Gallon with APS Cabinet Stand (Black) - Innovative Marine Includes: 1 x NUVO INT-200 Internal Overflow Aquarium - 200 Gallon - Innovative Marine 1 x APS Cabinet Stand with Black Finish for NUVO INT-200/EXT-200 Aquarium - Innovative Marine NUVO INT - 200G INTERNAL OVERFLOW AQUARIUM The Nuvo 200 INT and EXT are the newest, largest all-glass aquarium models from Innovative Marine. They boast a whopping 200 gallon water volume and provide ample aquascaping opportunities at 71" long, 22" high, and 30" wide. NUVO Aquariums have a long history of transforming the way you reef. Innovative Marine’s vision was to create an aquarium with a flawlessly integrated overflow with silent, seamless operation. Introducing the NUVO INT 200 Internal Overflow Aquarium. The INT’s internal all-glass overflow system possesses an industry-first Trapezoid Infinity Overflow, dual return LOC-LINE nozzles, and a custom “Bean Animal”-style safety drain system to reduce noise and prevent accidental spillage. When Innovative Marine crafts a premium aquarium, no detail is ever over looked or underachieved. Utilizing only the highest caliber components, the 200 INT embraces Innovative Marine’s award-winning craftsmanship by featuring 19mm diamond edged ultra-clear low-iron glass, a laser cut acrylic weir, a 22mm bottom plate with pre-installed leveling mat, and a 15mm Eurobace to reinforce all bonds. The Nuvo 200 INT also includes a mesh screen lid, plumbing kit, and Innovative Marine`s award-winning internal (C2C) filter design. Completely Silent, efficient, and fully customizable-- the Full Size NUVO Aquariums were born for the next generation of products for the hobbyist! Features: Diamond Edged Flat Polished Black Silicone Pre-Installed Leveling Mat Pro Series Screen Lid Laser Cut Black Acrylic Weir w/ Slot Cut Rear Glass Panel Ultra-Thick 19mm High Clarity Low Iron Glass Includes plumbing kit  (see chart below) Compare the NUVO INT-200 and EXT-200 Model: INT-200 EXT-200 Technical Specifications Tank Volume: 200 Gallons 200 Gallons Dimensions: 70.9"L x 30"W x 21.7"H 70.9"L x 30"W x 21.7"H Overflow Dimensions: Infinity Overflow (C2C) 23.6"L x 3.5"W x 5.9"H Bottom Glass Thickness: 22mm 22mm Euro Brace Thickness: 15mm 15mm Recommended Return Pump Flow Rate: 2000-4000GPH (gallons per hour) 2000-4000GPH (gallons per hour) Included Plumbing 3/4" LOC-LINE Dual Flare Nozzles [Return] 1("Y" Split) 2 Primary Drain Assembly [Overflow] 1 1 E-Drain Assembly 1 1 Secondary E-Drain Assembly 1 1 1" Pre-drilled "Bean Animal" Internal Overflow [Primary Drain, Emergency Drain and Secondary E-Drain] 3 3 3/4" Pre-drilled Return Hole 1 2 NUVO APS - STAND - FITS 200G INT/EXT AQUARIUM (BLACK FINISH) CABINET The NUVO APS Stand by Innovative Marine sets a new standard in aquarium furniture. Aluminum has been a tried and true element for custom commercial stands in the past due to its versatility, strength, and its lightweight nature. Innovative Marine has brought such technology to the aquarium industry to create a truly singular aesthetic aquarium stand that is modular in construction, easy to set up, and resistant to corrosion and swelling in both fresh and marine environments. Finally, an aquarium stand that may actually outlast your aquarium! Features: 5 Cabinet doors (3 in the front, 2 "winged" on the sides) for easier access 100% recyclable anodized Aluminum Corrosion Resistant in both fresh and marine environments No Warping or Swelling in both fresh and marine environments Integrated Hardware Easy-to-set-up lightweight, modular design (comes semi-assembled) Includes hex torque wrench Includes pre-cut Closed Cell PVC Foam boards Spacious interior for sumps Specifications: Tank Compatibility: Nuvo EXT 200 and Nuvo INT 200 Color: Matte Black Dimensions: 70.9”L x 30”W x 35.4H”