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NUVO Concept Encore 20 PRO Bundle - 20 Gallons Bundle Includes: 1 x 20 Gallon Tank divided into two 10 gallon compartments 2 x Mesh Screen Pro Lid 1 x MicroMag Magnetic Glass Cleaner 1 x Pre-installed Rubber Leveling Mat 2 x Removable 200 Micron Filter Socks 2 x Desktop CustomCaddy Media Basket 2 x Purity Pack Media 2 x Mechanical Fiber Balls 2 x Premium 0.8 ROX Carbon Packs 2 x High Capacity Coarse GFO Packs 2 x Desktop 6.5W/12V 98 GPH DC Return Pumps Flexible Hose, Return Elbow, and Directional Flow Nozzle Do More, Play More, Create More As the newest model in the Innovative Marine NUVO Concept Series, the Encore 20 PRO seeks to push new boundaries in tank design-- re-imagining and elevating the hobbyist`s experience. With two separate tanks in one aquarium, the Encore 20 PRO gives you flexibility in creating the setup of your dreams! Quarantine, hospital, frag, breeding, and species divisions are just a few ways you can utilize the Encore`s unique dual independent filters-- and they are suitable for both fresh and saltwater systems! With an ultra-modern display, optical quality glass, and premium included features; the Encore 20 PRO is designed to drive your imagination to do more, play more, and create more. Quality Design The Nuvo Concept Encore 20 Pro has been crafted with the finest materials and amenities, including: High Clarity Low Iron Glass - Every NUVO aquarium is made with the highest quality ultra-thick low iron glass, creating a crystal-clear pane, free from unsightly greenish tints. The glass is also diamond edged, flat polished, and constructed together with IM`s signature framed black silicone, providing the clearest viewing possible! Pre-Installed Leveling Mat - Leveling mats prevent disaster by decreasing pressure points and stress on your aquarium tank. This is why Innovative Marine includes an ultra-thick pre-installed mat with all Nuvo Pro kits, made from the highest-grade rubber and with the ability to withstand over 2,000 lbs of pressure! Mesh Screen Pro - A lid to your tank is crucial for keeping inhabitants safe and contained. Many lids trap head and salt build-up, which can negatively affect light penetration and overall tank health. This is why IM`s Pro Series includes mesh lids that are pre-assembled and powder-coated for extra protection. 200 Micron Filter Sock - Filter Socks help to clean water by removing heavy organic matter and other undesirable substances. Innovative Marine includes a 200 Micron Filter Sock with its Pro Series tanks to help give you a cleaner and clearer aquarium. MicroMag Algae Cleaner - IM Pro Series aquariums also include a MicroMag Algae Cleaner for your convenience. Simply drag the outside magnet in a circular motion to remove algae whilst keeping your hands clean and dry! CustomCaddy Media Basket - No aquarium is complete without a filtration system. That`s why IM added the Custom Caddy Media Basket with a NUVO Purity Pack Media into all Pro series kits. The Caddy + Purity Pack combo allows you to customize your mechanical, chemical, and biological filter media while targeting specific toxins and pollutants in your aquarium. The shelves of the CustomCaddy were also designed to be removable for easy conversion to a refugium! NUVO Purity Pack - The Purity Pack includes Fiber Balls for mechanical filtration; Premium ROX 0.8 Carbon for removing copper chlorine, and other impurities; and HC Coarse GFO for removing phosphates and eliminating nuisance algae. DC Return Pump - with low energy consumption and ultra-quiet operation, IM`s DC Return Pump is the perfect engine behind every NUVO aquarium. Need a stand? This tank is compatible with the Innovative Marine APS Cabinet Stand for NUVO Fusion 20 Aquarium. Technical Specifications Tank Volume: 20 gallons total; 10 gallons each compartment Outside Dimensions: 23.6"L x 15"W x 13"H Display Dimensions: 11.34"L x 11.38"W x 13"H (each compartment) Glass Thickness: 6mm Tank Package Weight: 47 lbs DC Pump Power Consumption: 6.5W/12V Pump Flow Rate: 98 gph (gallons per hour)