NUVO EXT-200 External Overflow Aquarium - 200 Gallon - Innovative Marine

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NUVO EXT - 200G EXTERNAL OVERFLOW AQUARIUM The Nuvo 200 EXT and INT are the newest, largest all-glass aquarium models from Innovative Marine. They boast a whopping 200 gallon water volume and provide ample aquascaping opportunities at 71" long, 22" high, and 30" wide. NUVO Aquariums have a long history of transforming the way you reef. Innovative Marine’s vision was to create an aquarium with a flawlessly integrated overflow with silent, seamless operation. Introducing the NUVO EXT 200 Internal Overflow Aquarium. The EXT`s external overflow system has a robust center glass overflow, dual return LOC-LINE nozzles, and a custom “Bean Animal”-style safety drain system to reduce noise and prevent accidental spillage. When Innovative Marine crafts a premium aquarium, no detail is ever overlooked or underachieved. Utilizing only the highest caliber components, the 200 EXT embraces Innovative Marine’s award-winning craftsmanship by featuring 19mm diamond edged ultra clear low-iron glass, a laser cut acrylic weir, a 22mm bottom plate, and a 15mm Eurobace to reinforce all bonds. The Nuvo 200 EXT also includes a mesh screen lid, pre-installed leveling mat, and a plumbing kit. Completely Silent, efficient, and fully customizable-- the Full Size NUVO Aquariums were born for the next generation of products for the hobbyist! Features: Diamond Edged Flat Polished Black Silicone Pre-Installed Leveling Mat Pro Series Screen Lid Laser Cut Black Acrylic Weir w/ Slot Cut Rear Glass Panel Ultra-Thick 19mm High Clarity Low Iron Glass Includes plumbing kit  (see chart below) Compare the NUVO INT-200 and EXT-200 Model: INT-200 EXT-200 Technical Specifications Tank Volume: 200 Gallons 200 Gallons Dimensions: 70.9"L x 30"W x 21.7"H 70.9"L x 30"W x 21.7"H Overflow Dimensions: Infinity Overflow (C2C) 23.6"L x 3.5"W x 5.9"H Bottom Glass Thickness: 22mm 22mm Euro Brace Thickness: 15mm 15mm Recommended Return Pump Flow Rate: 2000-4000GPH (gallons per hour) 2000-4000GPH (gallons per hour) Included Plumbing 3/4" LOC-LINE Dual Flare Nozzles [Return] 1 ("Y" Split) 2 Primary Drain Assembly [Overflow] 1 1 E-Drain Assembly 1 1 Secondary E-Drain Assembly 1 1 1" Pre-drilled "Bean Animal" Internal Overflow [Primary Drain, Emergency Drain and Secondary E-Drain] 3 3 3/4" Pre-drilled Return Hole 1 2