Returns and Warranties


To avoid returns we suggest you ask and research about any product you are unsure of and their warranties before you order. At Nemo's Reef we are staffed with extremely knowledgeable reef hobbyists who are well-trained in all the products we sell.

Dry Product

For Closed Packages: Because we cannot accept returns of products once they have been opened, before opening each product please check its packaging and label carefully to be sure you received the correct product and version. If the supplier's original packaging and seal is still intact, you may return the product to us within 14 days from purchase for an exchange, merchandise credit or refund (excluding shipping and handling charges). Return shipping to us is at your own expense.

For Opened Packages: Opened products and used products cannot be returned.

Live Stock

At Nemo's Reef we strive to offer only the best in fish and coral. Your every purchase is a partnership between Nemo's Reef and your Aquarium. As a hobbyist industry we understand that without satisfied and happy hobbyist, we would not exist. For this reason we ask that every hobbyist do their own due-diligence for the care and survivability of the livestock.

Warrenties are only applicible to Online purchases of livestock through our Online Store.

Please use this guide to provide your livestock with the best possible home. If these steps are not followed all warranties and returns are void.
Water Parameters:
Tank's water chemistry must be within the following parameters: Regular water changes are required to keep parameters in range.


The water used to pack the livestock is going to be different than the water in your aquarium.  For creatures used to living in a vast and stable ocean, those differences can be quite a shock and sometimes deadly.  The most acclimation factors are temperature, PH and Salinity.  The best equalizer for these is time.  Spreading those changes over time allows your new animal to gently make its adjustment to the conditions in your aquarium.  Following our Acclimation Guide is a required part of our livestock guarantee and will ensure the best chance for a full and healthy life for your new pet.


Arrive Alive Guarantee 
Nemo's Reef will guarantee that all live stock will arrive to your door step alive. This excludes shipment delays and damages. 
The customer must sign for package on the first delivery attempt even if the shipment is delayed.  Refusal of delivery for any reason voids any guarantee and the customer will be liable for the full invoice value of the shipment.

The customer must notify Nemo's Reef of livestock death within 2 hours of shipment arrival.

In order to redeem our Arrive Alive Guarantee the customer must email ( 2 Photos of the deceased livestock must be provided.

Arrival of fish should follow the acclimation guide. 

Nemo's Reef offers a 2 day guarantee for Fish.

Follow the steps below for

Deaths due to compatibility, aggression and suicide are not covered under the guarantee


Arrival of coral should follow the acclimation guide.

Nemo's Reef offers a 2 day guarantee for most Coral.
Follow the steps below for

Deaths due to compatibility, aggression, improper aquarium equipment and suicide are not covered under the guarantee


Nemo's Reef offers a no guarantee for Invertebrates.

Free and Credited Items:

These items cannot be warrantied, cannot be used toward minimum orders or free shipping. Credits cannot be used outside of livestock. 

Items With Limited Warrenties: At Nemo's Reef we strive to provide only the best livestock to our customers. Select livestock cannot be covered under our Quality Guarantee. The livestock listed below are considered either poor shippers or difficult to care for species. Please do your research in prepairing to care for these animals. Arrive Alive will always be offered.

Returns & Guarantee

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