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Mathew ? - Jan 2, 2009
The hobbyist's dream store in Charlotte Nemo Fish may just be just a dream come true for the Marine Fishhobbyist.........and yet i am still amazed that a substantial bunch of folk have either not heard or taken the time to visit the store. Here ARE a few personal observations: 1. You dont have to sell your home to pursue the hobby 2. The store is managed/run and staffed by the owners, which means that you are paying less toward overhead - now you can leave the store with the feeling that you havent been victim to day light robbery 3. Personalised customer service and commitment.... business owners have a long term interest in customer satisfaction as opposed to salaried staff 4. Fish are healthy and active - i have never had issues with Nemo Fish livestock 5. Chris and Ken are willing to be flexible and address specific requirements, and even help you out if you have a situation that needs additional help 6. Not the best location, but hey, you are not there to wine, dine and be seen! 7. If there is something that the store does not stock, you can still request it..and if it cant wait, just order that item off the internet, i would never buy livestock through the internet, paying a few extra bucks for healthy livestock can save you from catastrophy 8. I dont own/work for Nemo Fish, just a fellow customer who stumbled upon a great find on the internet 6 months ago 9. I do however profit from the welfare and prosperity of Nemo Fish-in the capacity of a hobbyist, the least i can do is spread the word around. A happy LFS, means happy fish and even happier hobbyist If you havent visited this store yet, and are waiting for a flyer or an advertisment to remind you, remember, you are really not getting the drift of things ...

Chung ? - Sep 27, 2008
Quality Fish Store Fish always looks great...tanks are clean. Great prices on fish and corals. Owners are very knowledgable and upfront about their livestock. I highly recommend this place to anyone with a saltwater aquarium.

Patrick ? - Jul 24, 2008
Great Saltwater Resource Have a great selection of saltwater aquarium fish. Very reasonable prices and their tanks always look clean and their livestock is in great health. They are also remodeling the store and making it larger which will definately make it the place to purchase marine fish. Check them out!!!

Dean H ? - Dec 28, 2010
Big fan of this store. Nemo their dog is always waiting to greet you... Bought a remora skimmer here used for $30. Needed to be cleaned but works like a champ. Also bought a grouper here for 35 that is awesome...he's a beast. Guys there are a little stand-off-ish at first, but they are very helpful once you start asking questions. Always a revolving selection, which makes it fun to stop by pretty often.
Chung ? - Jul 31, 2010
Great new fish store! This is a great fish store, it's a family owned and operated business with great helpful owners. Largest fish and coral selection i've ever seen. they never have ich or sick fish..overall the best fish store in charlotte
by Amy
Best saltwater fish store around the own is nice and very helpful chepest fish u will find in charlotte area any fish u want he have or order it for you go there

by Phil
This place is great! The owner is a really nice guy who will help you in any way he can. Very knowledgeable and while the selection isn't always amazing, he can get you whatever you want if you ask.

by will
Great guy to deal with great prices and awesome prices THANX the fish are beautiful

User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
by Rach
I went there for the first time after visiting many expensive stores. I was blown away by the quality or their tanks and fish. Not only that, their prices are EXCELLENT !! I picked up a Adult Emporer Angelfish for 60 Dollars and a Sohal Tang for 65 dollars. Fish not only are doing well, but fully acclimated in my tank. I will no longer need any other fish store but NEMOFISH. I recommend this store to anyone with a saltwater aquarium.

User Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
by shane j
I highly recomend this store. Awsome selection of fish. Very lively, colorful selection of fish. Great prices. I think they have the best prices around. Now a days stores like this are a rareity. They may not be in the best part of town but, they are worth it. You get 3 times better customer service, than those chain stores. Give this place a try

Thumbs up Nemo's Reef

I went to Nemo's Reef in Charlotte, NC today at about 1pm ish. As always they had a great selection and awesome prices. We spoke with the owners and it is nice because that actually care about their customers and remember what you have purchased and what is going on with you. We had the kids with us, and Jade especially likes going because they have a dog called Nemo that she loves to play with. So we looked around, and I played tug of war with Nemo. We ended up getting a fire fish, purple dottyback, orange spotted goby, and a box of instant ocean salt. I would like to say thank you for another awesome experience!

Excellent service and selection of marine fish
I own a 125 gallon saltwater tank and have visited all of the local fish stores. Some have more selection than others, and some give questionable advice or try to sell you something you may not need.
Nemo Fish was an absolute joy to discover. Selling strictly marine animals, the selection was awesome and the proprietor was extremely knowledgeable. I even quizzed him on subjects that I knew and he never tried to mislead me. He knew what fish would get along with what I had in my tank and which would not. The prices are THE best that I have found in the Charlotte area. Nemo Fish will be the only store I patronize for my fish purchases in the future.