Quality Guarantee

Quality Guarantee 
Here at Nemo's Reef we strive to provide only the best of the best for Fish and Coral. 

From the Start:

All of our livestock are cherry picked and purchased direct from the collectors to provide you with the best possible product. All of our collectors follow net catching protocols and will never use Cyanide, Blasting or Anesthetics to collect our livestock. This means that our products are only caught by natural means and do not harbor the ill-effects of improperly caught livestock.
All of our livestock being sold are held in our own facility and will never be drop shipped or passed off to another source. 

Our Care:

We run ZERO medication in any of our holding systems. We will never dip or bathe the fish with medication this ensures that our livestock's internal organs are not affected by harmful and foreign chemicals. 
On top of our Zero medication method, our livestock are naturally completely cleaned of any parasites, flukes or fungus. 
All of our Fish are fed proper diets based on their needs. All of our livestock are fed Piscine Energetics PE mysis shrimp. This is a high-protein, vitamin enriched Mysis Shrimp. 
All of our livestock are housed in Display Aquariums; they will never be kept in unreasonable numbers or in cramp environments 


Our Corals are completely cleaned of pests and hitch-hikers, they are held under proper water chemistry and lighting conditions. 
We feed quality foods such as DT's Live Phytoplankton, and P.E Mysis Shrimp.
Our corals will never be shipped with nuisance algae or red-slime. 

How we catch and ship:

We will never net-catch our fish from our display aquariums. This means that our fish will not have any physical scarring or damages due to rough capture methods. 
All livestock will be bagged with oxygen-enriched air, to prevent lose of product due to lack of oxygen. 
All of our bags are sealed to prevent any lose of oxygen or water during transport.
Heat or Ice packs are provided based on the environment. 

Our Honesty Policy:

If we have any doubts about the quality of livestock you are purchasing we will not send the product. We will ensure that every piece of livestock is inspected to match the product images and descriptions. Products that suffer physical imperfections will not be sent. Products that do not eat or have not completely acclimated to the aquarium conditions will not be sent.